We don't get a lot of good weather here in the UK and this leads to us not getting to enjoy our gardens as much as we would like, but that doesn't have to be the case. With a few well-placed garden solar lights next time you look out into the back garden while washing that night's dishes you don't need to look into the darkness.

Garden solar lights can bring your garden alive throughout the night turning it into a contemporary piece or art, a magical fairy kingdom or just enough light to showcase your green fingered handy work. Not only can solar lights be great decoration they can help with security and safety. Highlight your paths with Solar Stake Lights, light up your fence with Solar Fence Lights or you can even wall mount a Solar Powered PIR Security Light.

Solar lights are extremely eco-friendly lights that use small either built in or separate solar panels that collect energy from the sun all day then using a light sensor spring into action when the sun does down using the stored energy in the solar batteries (usually last 4-6 months depending on the charge cycles).

Of course, solar lights perform better in the summer months, but as long as you position them carefully they should be able to collect enough energy all year round. We offer a fantastic range of solar lights to suit everyone's needs whether it be for decoration, safety or security.

So start enjoying your garden and brighten up your life with solar lights they are easy to setup, low cost and eco-friendly.

Check out our different types of solar lights:

  • Stake Solar Lights
  • String Solar Lights
  • Wall Solar Lights
  • Decking Solar Lights
  • Ornamental Solar Lights
  • Gutter Solar Lights